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Strategies, innovation and sustainability: the future of logistics

Replica Sistemi on the road to internationalization

Replica Sistemi at the event Companial Connect Italia 2024

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Replica Sistemi and MiR: a new strategic collaboration to maximize efficiency in logistics activities

Visit to Fiorentini Alimentari: WMS and automation for a cutting-edge supply chain

Visit to Master Italy: Integrated WMS and TMS for a successful supply chain

Fifth grade classes of Istituto Superiore "E. Fermi" visiting Replica Sistemi - Zucchetti

Innovating is looking beyond appearances

Transportation Management: the latest innovation from Replica Sistemi


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Since 2018 we have been part of Zucchetti Group, the leading Italian software house in Europe.




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SMA.I.L:) has been chosen by more than 1,000 production and distribution companies
in Italy and around the world, from a variety of commodity sectors.

Replica Sistemi has been chosen by...

Replica Sistemi Academy, we train people and turn them into  logistics specialists. #designyourfuturewithus


Replica Sistemi - Christmas 2022

“Beauty, joy and civic sense are built with great commitment, through continuous work on oneself, learning patience, doing things with care and never at the expense of others, because truly sustainable happiness is a project of everyone and never of only one.”

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